Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Holiday Break.

I know it is Independence Day, but it feels like THANKSGIVING around here!

I have been blogging the tale of The Dude for a while now, and I know, it is a little of a cliffhanger, but I want to leave a bit of the story and really thank you all.

This was done as a funding project. WHAT an amazing thing! A week ago I posted my desire on the site and with the generosity of friends and many strangers, I am ready to make appointments and start the ball rolling!

One of my anonymous donors had me in tears with their generosity. So I sent a long a 12 pack of my cards, not just a thank you. I started thinking if I could do more.

So I am practicing. . .

This piece is actually a silverpoint. Hard to describe, but it is literally drawn with a silver wire on a prepared board. The idea was to call these SPILLED MILK pieces.

It is only 5x7" and would need to be framed under glass but I was considering offering it to any donor who gave $500 or more. (INCLUDING past donations . . . just add them together, the note you already got will be included.) It was hard for me to ask for help and I REALLY can't believe how generous some of you have been.

I have also talked with so many people who suggested different solutions and might have actual volunteers helping, so the amount may go down and I will adjust it by actual costs or by the donations of services or in-kind I receive.

As it occurred to me that it took almost 5 years for the first portrait of the guy, from bad photographs on the author's part or not actually looking LIKE HIM (I am sure some of you think that a black cat is a black cat is a black cat . . . . SHAME ON YOU! Unless you have owned one, you couldn't know! Oh BOY do they have personalities!)

I am going to see if I can work on that personality this weekend while I try to not watch this pot boil.

Don't worry that there is only one... I have a propensity for "Series". No telling what is next!

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