Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I had allergies!
I was never into cats, because I sneezed. I had a roommate with a very in and outdoor cat that used to find the KFC bones and throw up all over the house. She found romance and left me with all the rent.

I found another roommate who had the amazing Feather.

Feather was a tripod cat. She had lived in the wild and came home one day one leg too few!
My roommate and I became a "number" and as a couple we were given another cat.

HE was the first Kid.

We never really named him. He was 6 weeks old, runny eyes and pretty sickly. We didn't want to get too attached. There was obviously a few thing wrong with him. My girl friend was going to vet paramedic school and said it needed a home. She gave his sister to her brother. The twin sister black cat went mad, attacked the children and had to be put down... but The Kid....

He did have brain damage. I looked it up recently and he had all the symptoms of some very severe issues. He tended to miss the door when he ran out. He walked funny... ask anyone! He purred happily and constantly. He was a little Down Syndrome kid. He was all love, pure sweet and never exactly connected. He used to get excited and forget to pull in his claws and stick to the carpet! I didn't own a tv for two years. Didn't need it with The Kid.

When we brought him in, Feather would have nothing to do with us. She was elegant and very self aware (for a three legged cat.) She would roll on her back on your lap and fall off on occasion - which she OBVIOUSLY meant to do, as she would lick a bit and move on as if NOTHING unusual had happened.

She protested and boycotted until one day, the noisy, cheerful little oozy eyed independent 7 week old was trying to play. Feather looked out of the side of her eyes. Her ears flattened and she thought.... then a big paw landed on him and she began to groom him! The ooze and mess of him was more than her pristine presence could stand.

They were eternal buddies after that.