Monday, November 26, 2012

A year?

Wow.  I missed it.  Today is the year anniversary of my last post about  Mom.  Which is good.  I wrote it on the calendar wrong.  I knew it was two days after Thanksgiving and knew it was a Saturday but got the DATE of Thanksgiving wrong.
I guess I am sort of happy as the Dude is up and relatively  normal.  Not so groggy.  Not so sleepy but still not so hungry. But he has made it past her anniversary so unless he goes on Christmas Eve (when I lost Dad) I may have only two terrible anniversaries during the holidays....

I have decided to reduce his prednisone a little.  His kidneys are going a bit over the edge.
I have my Magic Bullet out and am trying to make tasty slime for him to lap up as he will crunch treats but prefers the soup in the cat food to the substance.  (Personally I still think he is messing with me.)

The powder is now being measured  and applied to scraps of the last of the turkey left overs.  He doesn't taste it at all.  But apparently chicken does not hold the same appeal.  I have some livers I was going to try to cook and mash, but I think I will see if he finishes off the smelly old 9 Lives I got him.

We play a game of tag all morning.
He used to like waking me up and begging for food and I would give him his meds during munch time.  But now his appetite is way down and after waking me up, he makes me leave so he can eat in peace.
Tomorrow I will wake up and dose him.  Let the worst thing be first and he can sulk if he wants, but I can drink my coffee anywhere I want without waiting for him to come out to eat!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

On and off the edge....

I am going a little over the edge.  It is temporary.

For some reason he seems worse on weekends.
I had a bit of turkey and he likes it.  So I pinch off very tiny bite sized bits, as he seems to gnarf.  Last weekend it was some chicken... swallowed a bunch and threw ALL of it back at me.  Totally emptied his stomach of about half an hour of eating so I was worried he had no ability to digest.
But this week he seems to do good for about two teaspoons of canned food about three times a day and lots of treats to chase.  He is barely munching the dry.
So.... this morning he did the same thing with about a nice teaspoon and a half or so of tiny turkey chunks.

Yesterday I got my jar of DCA.  It is powdered and I apparently need a device that cannot be found - a .01mg scale - on a weekend.  I have a friend that I can't get to that we were going to measure out dosages of this completely uncertified tumor shrinking compound that I was hoping might make room in his body for bodily functions by making the cantaloupe a little smaller....
With him turning up his nose at food... well not really but having a perpetual upset stomach, I am not sure how to get it into him.  He really holds a grudge now when I give him his meds....

More to come, just venting.
Tomorrow I will get some of the special diet the vet gave me to shove down his throat and tell her of my science experiments.  But today I just watch him... sleep... and worse, just stare.