Friday, October 21, 2011


I have not posted anything because as they say, NO NEWS is GOOD NEWS. The only reports are that he is getting HUGE.
The weight is going on and his shoulders are broad again and his attitude is back and he is worry free!

The grateful for the freedom.

My cat was doing fine... fine... just staying alive, probably for a while... but I was tied from love to his medication. Meanwhile, I have a mother who is struggling with lung cancer.

She is in Yuma, a three hour drive, and my cat was keeping me from even short trips. No money for boarding, I missed helping her through hospitals and procedures... it was hard, but in one sense, obsessing on the Dude kept me out of her hair.

Now she really needs me. There are a lot of very hard decisions. There are people who are loving her too much, and we need to sit quietly and support, rather than leap to action as we want. The ability to leave my cat (this sounds horrible to anyone who has not loved a pet) to see my mother who is not doing so well with those simple doses like I was giving my cat, is such a real blessing, I ran over to the Dude, sitting on his table in the window, and GRABBED his face and kissed him, crying, saying thank you.

I am off again this week (pretty much one good trip a week for a while) to visit the oncologist and discuss NOT giving her more chemo. She is so sick from trying to get well, her husband is running up the phone bill calling EVERYWHERE for help, and I can go, hold her hand, listen to the doctors and stay in the middle and on the outside, just as needed.

It SEEMED like it was a cat you saved, but it is my love for my mom that is the real benefit.