Saturday, September 15, 2012

BAD news.

After a year of my same old aloof, snotty, judgemental cuddly beautiful guy back, a month or so ago, he decided he liked dark rooms more. Nothing much, just sleeping a lot which is a good response to the heat. Then a couple of weeks ago his fat belly seemed not to go down after he ate. So today we went to the doc and he has a tumor, literally baseball sized, squeezing his guts and she says there appear to be some nodules on his heart.

In a perfect world, we would go to an oncologist and find it operable and it would all be covered under some research grant.

I fear my pals who helped so much last year are just going to have to know we gave him a really great year, but his timer is going to run out at about 13. How suitable for a black cat.

I have prednisone which may reduce the inflammation and slow it, but from the speed I saw it grow, I don't think he will see Halloween.

SOOOOOOOOOOoooooo sad.....


  1. I only just found this post Debra. How are things?

  2. Thank you Te. I am living catless for as long as I can. I find it hard walking into my home without saying hello and watching the curtains move to greet me. I am not replacing him, because he will not be replaced, but after I have traveled and done some living on my own, I will get a new pet. Whoever it is deserves a clean slate, not perpetually comparison. Thank you for asking.... still very sad.