Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goodbye to my Mother

Last night at 8 pm my mom, Phyllis McDonnell, told her husband she wanted to die. She had not had any relief from the pneumonia that she was hospitalized for so she could continue her treatment for lung cancer when she "got stronger."
Three weeks in the hospital and only two pounds weight gain to show for it, and after my visit on Sunday, she decided to get out of bed on her own Monday night and broke her hip.
Now, when they asked if she was in pain, she was saying "Yes."
So, because the hairline fracture meant no walking (as if she could) they decided to put her into a rehab hospital on Saturday morning.
It was after that very long and strenuous day that she told Thomas her husband, she was ready to go.
At 11 he got the call that she had gotten her wish.

She always expected the best from me and was never disappointed in anything. Now I will have to come up with my own substance. Never as good as her unflinching approval.

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