Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woke Up and Hit The Ground Running!

My mom used to tell me not to THINK POOR. Something about magnetism. That you attract the things you need, so welcome them in!

Today I am running off to talk to (yet another) charity about participating in a fund raising event.
It is what I can afford for advertising and always does good doing good! After that I am meeting an artist friend who is not so savvy on the internet and wants to give me CASH!!! The thought sort of shivers my toes, as somehow a bank account is easier to track than bills, but it is going INTO the fund!

While drinking my coffee I got a call from another old friend asking if I could help the widow of her mentor arrange a donation site for his memorial expenses. YEAH.... as usual.... it is so easy for me to say yes! Hard to get away and do the nuts and bolts of marketing my art.

I am seriously considering making some mini-workshops for artists who need a little help navigating facebook, twitter, blogging and now crowd-funding. All I need is a place and some way to let everyone SEE what I am doing on my antique laptop!

All that aside.....

I am very bad at watching paint dry (hahahahaha! literally one of my job skills that I lack!!!) or water boil. Staring at my cat and seeing how well he is recovering from his bad medication episode is reminding me how perfect we are for each other. He ignores me. I talk to him.... that is as it should be.

Here he is in my bathroom alerting me that I did not turn off the tap properly!

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