Monday, July 25, 2011

Long Weekend

No news is a slow news day.

The dude has had nothing new to report. He is feeling the humidity like his mom, but staying healthy and putting small amounts of weight on.

When I spoke to the Radiocat lady, she was telling me that if they suspect the kidney issue, he may have to go off his meds for TWO weeks, not just the one.

I am hoping that the bout I had with bad meds does not repeat itself while we are prepping for the cure. If you doctor even MENTIONS shake it, SHAKE IT.....I got a new bottle with some particulate in it. I ASSUMED it was some food coloring or flavor, as they make it in all sorts of tasty treats so pets don't want to sit on your face as you sleep and smother you in revenge.... but it turns out it may have been the meds themselves! For a couple of months I was not shaking and apparently under-dosing him until he got very sick. Two weeks off the stuff would seriously make him a mess.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get a little business so I can PAY for what is not covered in the fund.

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