Monday, July 11, 2011

Amazing Tales...

I left Colorado in 1980, I am pretty sure. Of course I was all grown up and living my own life. Had traveled as a performing puppetteer and missed my 10th high school reunion, so most of my friends were new. All Denver adults, not my Littleton kid friends.

Flashback via Facebook!

The most amazing thing is happening because of my cat!!!
Just this week one of my best high school pals dropped into my fundraising site to help out and tonight, an even more amazing event! My very best girlfriend from Junior High, as I recall, gave me a donation.

I remember being a very odd little girl, I tended to get along better with friend's parents sometimes. Her mother was a little older than mine and I really remember how cool the old music her mom played in the house was! The old movies I loved were stuff we could talk about, much to the dismay of my friend who was learning how to make curls on rollers!

Wow, how a little event on the internet can make your brain FLY back in time.....

Back to your regularly scheduled story......

The dude was boring today. He acted exactly like a cat!

I tried to take some better movies of him on my new cell phone, but he was very dull. Getting fatter and being healthy for the procedure, but his usual boring, staring, unsettling self.

All is well.

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