Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kid Junior

What else would I call him?

I thought "KJ" would be cool. I knew Kevin Johnson, the present mayor of Sacramento and former Phoenix Sun and that seemed cool. He was so small, I could hide him in my hair! He was a tough cookie. We got him rice baby cereal and kitten bottles and he immediately chewed the nipples off.

When I took him in again for his baby shots, the vet laughed... well not laughed, sort of did an odd half smile that cracked me up! Like "what a guy." We had him on solid food immediately.

Because it had been a while since I was a mother, I was sort of lucky that I had the flu for a few days. I put him on my bed with me and he slept in a little box with a shoebox of litter and explored while I was awake. He also bit the HECK out of me! It must have been separation anxiety or something, he was a nasty little thing and I was a chomped up mess.

I have been told to always play with toys, not hands, but he would bite in my sleep! I took him to the vet and when we fixed him, the vet suggested filing back his baby teeth! They would fall out eventually and perhaps if I didn't scream all the time, he would not get such joy!

So for a few months I healed and I had a very funny looking kitten. (The days before digital and nobody had film! We are still scouring the closets for baby pix!) When I left the house for work in the first weeks I would put him in the tub. He had a little basket and there IS a photo somewhere of the cat in the basket I will find. He was no doubt severely traumatized by it all, but seemed to deal with it.

The first Christmas I sent out cards with this photo and the caption:

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