Friday, September 23, 2011

Why Do People Think ALL Cats Eat Mice?

Because I have been traveling a LOT since we started his radiation therapy, I have been sleeping more soundly. . . as has the Dude.

Months ago, I heard a sound in my uptake for the A/C and sprayed some bug killer in it and it went away. I assumed it was a bit of wildlife exploring. The Dude bravely watched - this was when the new proper meds were working, before he got flushed, before the treatment.

So I thought little of it.

On and off, I would come home to open cabinet doors that the Dude had gone exploring in.
About three weeks ago, the vent above my stove was - all I could call it was - making gnawing sounds???? I alerted the landlord, in the middle of renovating another apartment in the four-plex where I live. He (who has a father AND a sister, also fighting cancer, two properties and lives out of town) said he would be right on it.

When I came home from my second visit to mom, not only was he looking at the vent above the stove, but I heard noises from my pantry cabinets! NO, I was not going to open them so I spent the night hitting them with shoes etc.

Immediately I notified the landlord and he said his exterminator would be in touch. 24 hours later, and a very unpleasant cleaning trip, where I found droppings and a few gnawed condiment packages, I wiped anywhere that might have food and put mothballs (a friend suggested) after bleaching them down, this morning I woke to find the clean drawers with a plastic liner and NO condiment items had been GNAWED through a plastic drawer liner and a zip lock where I put my clean silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!

Apparently the company had mis-written my phone number. They said MONDAY they would be out!!!

I reported to the Landlord, and braced myself for a run to the hardware store for traps! That is all they said they would do....

The landlord called back and the OWNER of the company is on the way.

I packed all my dishes and just KNOCKED the box over, losing two CORELLE saucers, some clear glass fancy plates and a couple of gift movie poster plates a friend had given me.

It is just not a great week. . . but the cat is just fine!

Upshot. A sick cat is a good policeman, but not a great executioner!

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