Monday, August 8, 2011

Tests ARE Done!

It was stressful. It is always stressful, as I have believed since he was small that he may have a little heart condition. When he chased the ball (really he liked my teeny underwear... he would pull my thongs out of the drawers if I left them open and bring them to me..... for a while) his little pink tongue would dart in and out like a puppy, not a cat. Then he wised up and decided that cats do not run....

So I try to keep him cool and calm. He never seems to get sick in the winter. Always about 100+ degrees. I had a nice little box that I got Stinkerbell from the shelter in eons ago. Just shoved him in and hauled him away. But as he got sick, he occasionally wet it and that was the end of the cardboard. I got the cutest little travel carrier! It was red and much like the pop up window shades for the car! Stored small, zipped into a sort of pup-tent. Cozy! But he was still panting and panicking.

So last week I borrowed a big monster from my old roommate. I had to hose it off and get it into shape... but it isn't in shape.

He is in there, sitting straight up with his ugly scratching thing. I decided to test it out, as the instructions from Radiocat asked for a pet carrier. I just don't remember if it has to be put in the nuclear waste dump when we are done....

So we went. Here is the sad and lonely cage, waiting for him during his tests.

It is a nice office with WONDERFUL ART (wink, click, nudge, nudge)
We have xrays, tests awaiting results, a call in to the big office, and we just await the confirmation.

Dude is ok:


  1. Ok. Last photo. The Dude looks cute, but is that wee in the litter box or a dead puppy? Alix

  2. A wee "wee"... just to let us know that all "systems" are GO! (...trouble, you are trouble!!)

  3. Well, that's a relief. Looked like a dead puppy to me... :)