Monday, July 18, 2011

A Phone Call

While I was trying to take an interesting movie of him (MOSTLY he just stares at me!!) I got a call from Radiocat.

This is all I could come up with:

I have dried my eyes and am sane again.
Learned more than I needed and suddenly got all freaked. IF there is any chance he comes out sicker than he went in (and he is really healthy right now!) I will never forgive myself.

I got it clarified that the kidneys and the thyroid are hooked up. That is why the vet kept asking about his litter box habits . . . which are very GOOD right now! Holy cow, you would think I had a dog! But it turns out that his set back had him at levels that might hint at kidney involvement. After talking me down, she explained that IF there is any possibility that the medication that MASKS kidney issues is doing so, they will suggest NOT doing the procedure.

I guess that is all I can ask.

If they care enough to tell you NOT to do it if it is not going to help, I guess they are the right people.

We need to start the first big round of tests. Xrays, full blood panel and such. They mentioned they may need two T levels that would mean being off his meds for 2 weeks, but I am sort of wary. He gets a bit freaky when he is sick and I don't want him any sicker than he needs to be!

So August 23 at 10! We are on, and starting the ball rolling!

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